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Magne Sjaastad
Sigurd Pettersen
Hans Kallekleiv
Ruben Thoms
Jørgen Herje


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Webviz is a web-based open source visualization tool which allows the user to quickly visualize, analyze, quality control, and present large amounts of data. An example of the application is available online.

Currently, the application is mainly used for subsurface data visualization linked to Fast Model Update (FMU) where its broadly implemented. FMU is Equinor’s integrated and automated workflow for reservoir modeling and characterization. However, the framework is generic and could be used for all business areas where standard reports and presentations have to be made and updated. Energy efficiency and carbon capture and storage are two new applications that is currently being considered.

Historically, Equinor FMU users worked with one subsurface model, analyzed it and collected screenshots from different specialist programs into PowerPoint presentations. With Webviz the process is fully automated. Webviz allows the user to quickly analyze and visualize large amount of information leading to better communication between business segments and a more robust decision basis. This is key to Equinor users that have moved from working with one model to 100s of models. For one field alone, Equinor indicates that Webviz is now performing work corresponding to 30 000 hours of manual labor per year. What took days in other software takes minutes in Webviz. It also enables the users to make visualizations that are currently not possible in other software.

Webviz is targeting all types of users. It is easy to use for those who just want to go to a website for a powerful visualization tool and also acts as an efficient programming framework for those that want to extend or customize its functionality and visualizations.

Webviz - High level overview

The Ceetron Solutions team is developing Webviz in close cooperation with Equinor, Emerson and other interested parties as an open source project.

In Equinor, Webviz will also be used for sharing subsurface data with its partners with the aim to create a large community that together can further develop the product. Please contact us in case you are interested in using the product or contribute to the further development.

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