Our Approach

Targeted functionality, state-of-the-art features and effective user interfaces emerge from close collaboration with the customer. Ceetron solutions is a multi-discipline team with extensive knowledge and experience in collaborating with numerical specialists and discipline experts to develop optimal solutions.

We use an agile software development process for optimal collaboration with our clients, particularly when detailed specifications are difficult to obtain before project start. Agile means that software is planned, developed, tested, and delivered to users in a series of iterations. The client decides the functionality to be implemented while Ceetron Solutions provides experienced personnel and certified scrum masters for supporting the development process. Starting with overall goals at project startup, the goals are refined, and the solution built, in an iterative manner using knowledge gained from previous iterations.

The feedback and long-term customer relationships prove the success of our methodology and ability to deliver cost-effective solutions to actual needs. As part of the methodology, we may offer our experience in collaborative issue tracking, continuous integration, code control, build systems, and automated testing.