Ceetron Solutions specializes in building powerful software solutions for digitalization and interpretation of engineering data. The Ceetron Solutions team has leading edge competence within visualization of scientific data and a proven international track record. The team leverages the latest technologies and has a can-do attitude to meet and continually exceed client expectations. As an  employee-owned company, we go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and a positive experience working with us.

Ceetron Solutions was founded in 2013 as a spin-off company of Ceetron to focus on software services and customized solutions. Thus the company forwards an experience since 1996 in building product quality software, visualization, intuitive user interfaces, and cross-platform applications.


Stein Inge Dale, Ph.D.

Stein Dale is CEO of Ceetron Solutions. He also holds a part-time position as professor of digitalization and visualization at NTNU. Dale has extensive experience in the development of visualization solutions for a broad range of customers and application areas. Previous positions are CTO of Ceetron AS, researcher and head of section in SINTEF. Dale holds a Ph.D. in object-oriented software design and a M.Sc. in structural engineering from the Norwegian Institute of Technology. 

Sigurd Pettersen, M.Sc.

Sigurd Pettersen has years of experience working with simulation domain experts to translate their needs and requirements into efficient visualization solutions, engaging in project specification, planning and project management through to implementation and delivery of finished solutions. He has extensive hands-on experience building and maintaining 3D visualization tools both for the web and desktop using WebGL, TypeScript, C++ and OpenGL. Pettersen holds a M.Sc. in computer science from NTNU.

Magne Sjaastad, M.Sc.

Magne Sjaastad has broad experience from visual solution projects, both as a programmer and project manager. He advocates agile software development and has implemented agile workflows into several organizations. Sjaastad is an experienced cross-platform software developer with specialization in C++, Qt, OpenGL, and CMake. DevOps tasks, including configuration management and continuous integration platforms, have also been his responsibility. Sjaastad holds a M.Sc. degree in Engineering Cybernetics from NTNU.

Gaute Lindkvist, Ph.D.

Gaute Lindkvist is an experienced applied mathematician and software developer. His experience spans software development and project management in areas such as computer aided engineering, digital rock analysis and explosion modeling for structural engineering. Lindkvist is a certified SCRUM master and has extensive development experience using C++, OpenGL, Scenegraphs, OpenMP, MPI/HPC. Lindkvist holds a Ph.D. in applied mathematics and a M.Sc. in scientific computation from Cranfield University – The Defence Academy of the UK.

Jon Jenssen, M.Sc.

Jon Jenssen is an experienced software developer in the fields of visualization and interpretation of electro-magnetic and seismic survey data. Previous positions are lead product developer in Electromagnetic Geoservices ASA, senior software engineer in VoxelVision AS, and developer in CorrOcean ASA. Jenssen has extensive experience in development and maintenance of large software systems on Linux and Windows. His experience spans both front-end and back-end development using Qt, C#, .NET, C++, Python, OpenGL. Cluster technologies, parallelization, and performance optimization have been essential in his work. Jenssen holds a M.Sc. in Electronics from NTH (now NTNU).

Ruben Thoms, M.Sc.

Ruben Thoms is a passionate software developer convinced that great software can help overcome engineering challenges. His experience spans development of cloud-based simulation software for the renewable energy sector and web server applications. Thoms has extensive development experience using C++, Python, PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL. His previous position was software developer at Simis AS. Thoms holds a M.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering with major in Energy and Process Engineering from the university in Magdeburg and received the Klaus Murmann scholarship for academically gifted students. 

Kristian Bendiksen, M.Sc.

Kristian Bendiksen, Kankode AS, is a software development partner of Ceetron Solutions. Bendiksen is an experienced software developer in the fields of digital rock analysis and
interpretation of reservoir simulations. Previous positions are as software engineer in Bouvet ASA and Numerical Rocks AS. Bendiksen has extensive development experience in cross-platform applications, C++, OpenGL and Qt, HPC, parallelization with OpenMP and MPI and commercial products accelerated with GPGPU using Cuda and OpenCL. Bendiksen holds a Cand.Scient. degree in Informatics from NTNU.

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