Simulator for Arctic Marine Structures

Software services supporting simulation of marine structures in the Arctic region





Sigurd Pettersen
Stein Inge Dale
Magne Sjaastad


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During 2014-2018, NTNU and ArcIso engaged Ceetron Solutions to support the implementation of a software package that demonstrates and verifies NTNU's research within simulation of Arctic marine operations.

Ceetron Solutions software services have concerned modeling of ice fields for simulation purposes, numerical simulation of marine structures in sea-ice, system architecture, data communication between simulation modules, and data visualization. The software development has, for instance, contributed to the software modules IceMaker and IceView as illustrated by the screenshots above.

IceMaker is a module which creates an ice field for simulation purposes based on ice floe statistics and user input specifying ice field extent, ice concentration, ice floe maximum and minimum size.  

IceView is a results postprocessor for animation and viewing of time series of simulation data. IceView can be used for viewing simulations of a structure being towed in sea-ice including the fracturing of ice floes.

From 2017, the collaboration has been forwarded by the NTNU spin-off company ArcIso AS.

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