SESAM Xtract

Post-processing of hydrodynamic and structural analyses

Tech Soft 3D




Magne Sjaastad
Jon Jenssen
Stein Inge Dale


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DNV SESAM software package is recognized as one the most advanced and comprehensive software systems for structural and hydrodynamic analysis available to the offshore and maritime industry.

In 1999, DNV Software decided to enter a collaboration with Ceetron to develop a customized post-processor for SESAM. The new software, named Xtract, was designed as a replacement for SESAM Viewer and SESAM Postfem. The objective with the product was to offer to the market a high-performance general purpose visualization program for animation and presentation of results from various hydrodynamic, static, and dynamic structural analyses. The graphics were to support highly interactive work sessions and navigation of super-element hierarchy, result cases, result attributes (e.g. displacements and stresses), and sets.

The Ceetron Solutions team has designed and implemented Xtract. The development work is based on GLview 3D Visualization API, Ceetron’s second-generation development toolkit for 3D visualization and interpretation of CAE data. Following the first release in September 2000, SESAM Xtract has since been updated on a yearly basis.

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