Powerful tool for interpretation and post-processing of reservoir models and simulations





Magne Sjaastad
Sigurd Pettersen
Stein Inge Dale
Ruben Thoms
Jon Jenssen
Kristian Bendiksen


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As a result of its focus on innovation, Equinor has achieved record high oil recovery rates from existing oil and gas fields. At Equinor's research centre in Trondheim, one of the main objectives is to further increase recovery rates, which requires faster and better simulations and visualization tools.

Equinor engaged Ceetron Solutions in 2011 to start developing ResInsight as a new, tailored software for visualization of reservoir simulation data. The development has since followed a series of projects to extend the functionality in reservoir simulation, geomechanical analyses, reservoir diagnostics, and reservoir souring analyses. ResInsight fuses data from the simulations with well databases, web-services, and logs to produce effective combinations and co-visualizations of information.

ResInsight allows reservoir models, simulation results, and measurements to be visualized with very high performance. Optimized use of graphics technology and simultaneous processing on multiple CPU cores have been vital to enhance the performance and capacity of ResInsight for large data sets.

As reservoir engineers often have the need to make further computations based on simulated properties, ResInsight offers a powerful and flexible scheme for data manipulation via both GNU Octave and Python. Derived results can be returned to ResInsight for visualization, parameter studies, and export to to new simulations.

The Ceetron Solutions team has developed ResInsight in close cooperation with Equinor as an open source project and cross-platform application.

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