High-performance techniques for curve plotting of large datasets





Stein Inge Dale
Magne Sjaastad


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CyberSea is a versatile technology platform that allows DNV to efficiently create Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) simulators, interfacing solutions and HIL test package documentation.

Marine Cybernetics (now a DNV company) used an open source plotting tool to produce trend plots in their CyberSea technology platform. The open source plotting tool imposed performance limitations and proved inefficient when working interactively with large datasets. In 2014, Marine Cybernetics contracted Ceetron Solutions to propose high-performance techniques to enable efficient interactive work on large datasets. Project deliverable was a prototype with functionality for plotting and graphics optimization.

Benchmarking based on Marine Cybernetics datasets proved very promising with regard to algorithm performance and ease of integration. The prototype was delivered as a JAVA application under an Open Source license. Later, the algorithm and code has been integrated into the CyberSea technology platform.

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