3D Visualization in the Cloud

Cloudification of CAE applications

Tech Soft 3D




Sigurd Pettersen
Stein Inge Dale


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Ceetron Solutions has contributed significantly to the development of Ceetron Cloud Components as a product offering for cloudification of CAE applications.

Ceetron Cloud Components offers an uncompromising path to premium 3D visualization performance for cloud-based CAE applications, whether starting from scratch or migrating an existing desktop-based solution. The product delivers 3D visual content to your clients with no installation and no plug-ins; just stellar visualization performance in the client's preferred browser.

Cloud Components offer local WebGL graphics rendering for desktop-like interaction performance including progressive 3D streaming for low latency and immediate response. Add-on components are available for data import, data export and reporting. The solutions are scalable to support large CAE models and a large number of users - and optimized for cost-effective use of server resources. Server-side requirements are just node.js and socket.io and client-side just WebGL and socket.io. The server is easily deployable on public cloud, private cloud, or your local machine with Docker.

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