VessFire (Petrell)

Safer process systems by numerical simulation of depressurization and fire exposure

Petrell AS has developed VessFire for time-dependent, non-linear analysis of thermo-mechanical response of process segments and process equipment during blowdown, with or without exposure to fire. VessFire is used by clients and projects world-wide and is recommended by several oil companies.

The Ceetron Solutions team has developed the graphical user interface for VessFire 2.0. The functionality includes data input of process segments and process equipment, analysis setup and monitoring, results visualization, and reporting.

Ceetron and Ceetron Solutions has been a software partner of Petrell since 2010. The development of graphical user interface for VessFire 2.0 started in 2014 and has followed a series of updates since then.

Petrell AS develops technology for multi-physics simulation and tailor-made simulations systems. The simulation systems are based on their proprietary technology Brilliant and VessFire for which they also offer analysis services. In addition, Petrell AS offers consultancy services within safety and well/wellbore.

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