USFOS non-linear analysis (Ceetron, USFOS)

Non-linear static and dynamic analysis of space frame structures

USFOS is a leading computer program for nonlinear static and dynamic analysis of space frame structures. USFOS is used by leading oil companies and engineering consultants world wide, for integrity assessment, collapse analyses and accidental load analyses of offshore jacket structures, topsides, jack-ups and other frame structures, intact or damaged.

USFOS has been developed by SINTEF and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology sponsored by oil companies and engineering consultants. Key members of the team were Prof. Jørgen Amdahl, Dr. Tore Holmås, Dr. Øyvind Hellan and Dr. Ernst Eberg.

In the year 2001, SINTEF wanted to upgrade USFOS with a modern, integrated graphical user interface for analysis setup and post-processing of results. Ceetron was tasked with the development work and the post-processor Xact was built based on Ceetron technology. Further development and maintenance of Xact is now subcontracted to Ceetron Solutions AS in close collaboration with USFOS AS.

World-wide marketing and sales of USFOS is done jointly by SINTEF Ocean and DNV GL.

SINTEF is the largest R&D organization in Scandinavia with 2000 employees working various aspects of technology and human sciences.

Ceetron AS is a leading provider of 3D visualization products and solutions to OEM customers and end users in the CAE market with a focus on CFD and FEA.

USFOS AS was formed in 2003 as a spin-off from SINTEF to continue support to existing and new USFOS users.

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