Lightweight application to create simulation models for space frame structures

RPM is a lightweight application to create 3D finite element models for structural analysis of framed structures. The graphical user interface supports definition of nodes, elements, materials, section profiles, boundary conditions, and nodal loads and model export to the USFOS FEM file format for structural analysis.

The development of RPM started in 2014. The latest development has extended RPM to act as a graphical front-end to the USFOS Structural File Manipulator utility program for model repair and improvement prior to running USFOS.

RPM has been developed by Ceetron Solution AS, USFOS AS, and The Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems at NTNU.

USFOS A/S was formed in 2003 as a spin-off company from SINTEF to support to existing and new

USFOS users. AMOS is a Centre of Excellence hosted by NTNU to develop intelligent ships and

ocean structures, autonomous unmanned vehicles and robots for high-precision and safety-critical

operations in extreme environments.

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