BrilliantGUI (Petrell)

Post-processing of Brilliant multi-physics CFD and FEM analyses

Brilliant is developed by Petrell AS as a general multi-physics CFD and a FEM tool for simulation of fluid flow, stress analysis and heat transport, including chemical reactions and solid materials. Brilliant treats compressible and incompressible time-dependent fluid flow as well as stress analysis in solid materials. Calculation of fluid flow, stress analysis and heat conduction in solid material is performed simultaneously and all physical models interacts with each other.

The Ceetron Solutions team has been central to the development of BrilliantGUI which is a model builder and visualization module for the Brilliant numerical engine. BrilliantGUI acts as a front-end for using the high level language of Brilliant to describe a physical problem for analysis. BrilliantGUI is also capable of visualizing analysis results in a way that exploits the powerful and flexible grid definition of Brilliant. The functionality includes color mapping of analysis results, iso-surface generation and cut-planes that follows the result distribution of Brilliant with numerical precision.

Petrell AS develops technology for multi-physics simulation and tailor-made simulations systems. The simulation systems are based on their proprietary technology Brilliant and VessFire for which they also offer analysis services. In addition, Petrell AS offers consultancy services within safety and well/wellbore.

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